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Contact Information

Thank you for viewing my website.  I would be happy to discuss your interest in a portrait and to explore with you the options I can offer.  

My studio is located in Annapolis, Maryland.  


Please contact me by e-mail at, or by phone at 443-926-6633.


P.S. ~ An Endorsement I Enjoyed

This e-mail came from a woman who had commissioned a portrait of her daughter, after receiving an e-mailed image of my drawing:


“Sandy,  I couldn’t respond immediately because I couldn’t see the keyboard through the mist!

It is AMAZING!!!

[My husband] is so critical of artwork and he is your biggest fan. 

I think you made him cry!

I see myself in it and that’s amazing ! ...

You are so talented.

You see the soul of your subject.


I can’t thank you enough.  Really.


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