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Work from Photographs

If engaged to do a child’s portrait for which a long sitting is unrealistic, photos will substitute for, rather than supplement, live sittings.  My preference is to meet and observe children in their familiar surroundings, hoping to capture photo images of a child’s relaxed and characteristic expressions.


I am willing to consider use of photographs supplied by you.   Please understand, however, that even a favorite photo may not be a good candidate for me to work from.

Also, if I am to use as a model a photograph taken by someone else, it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that doing so will not violate any copyright interest of the photographer.    


When I create a portrait based upon a photo, either producing or finding the photo to select as a  model for the work is a significant part of the task.

DSC_3865 - Version 2.jpg

All images on this website are copyrighted by Sandra J Cohen.  Photo of woman and child is copyright 1998, photo of dog is copyright 2013; painting and drawing are both copyright 2013.

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