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Getting Started

When you contact me to confer about a portrait, we’ll discuss the subject you have in mind, and your preferences as to the medium, mood and size of the work.  You will advise me whether portrait sitting by the subject is available. This is my preferred way to work.


However, I take photos to assist us in selecting the pose and to serve me as reference during work when the model is not present.  If a young child or an animal is to be the subject, photos provide the working model for developing the portrait.   (See notes under the Photographs link.)


Typically, during an initial session, we experiment with position, lighting, clothing and composition.   In addition to photographs, I may do preliminary sketches of the subject, if there is opportunity. We then come to agreement on the commission before going further.   Once started on a portrait sitting session, we take model breaks as needed.


All images on this website copyrighted by Sandra J Cohen.  These images copyright 2009.

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